Day 80: A solution to emotional eating?

(I fell off the wagon with my blogging again. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Because I’m several days behind and been really busy, Days 80-86 will exclude nutrition partly because I never bothered to record any of it down. I am living out of a suitcase at a friends place until the new condo is ready, so cooking nutritious meals and storing them for later consumption has not been ideal. Although it is possible, it’s difficult to eat healthy under these circumstances. There is never a good excuse for getting off track so let me update you as to where I am on Monday March 28 – Day 87 with a photo and measurements to see where I currently stand.)

Mood: Emotionally stabilized (momentarily)

Recently I received an email entitled “A New Way to Tackle Emotional Eating.” I was excited to read what the solution was to my uncontrollable feedings in time of stress. The email quoted Oprah Winfrey saying: “I’ve found that eating well and being satisfied leaves no room for the junky stuff. Which is not to say that I won’t eat a good salty chip or two. But I no longer have the compulsion to eat the whole bag just because I’m tired or overwhelmed.”

Sister, please! Really!?! Oprah can afford all the potato farms in the country and she’s saying here that she would never eat a whole bag of chips? 🙂 I’m kidding. I love Oprah!

I only make fun because I was upset that this email did not give me any new insight about emotional eating but suggests to first fill yourself with healthy stuff to get full and not leave any room for the “junky stuff”. Really!?! There is no way I’ll be able to get a healthy salad down my throat when all I want is comfort food. That just sounds crazy. It may work for some but not for all of us.

My aha! moment came when I realized that overcoming emotional eating may be more difficult than overcoming a drug or substance addiction. You need food to live, but you don’t need the drugs. That’s why it’s a little more challenging to overcome eating emotionally.

With a drug addiction one would surround themselves with positive influence like an anonymous group and avoid places and people that would most likely drag them back under. A rehab center would be the perfect venue for one to achieve health and sobriety from drug and substance abuse.

I realized that one way to achieve “freedom” from emotional eating (besides any of the solutions already mentioned) was to keep your stress levels low and maintain a healthy, happy life. Think about it. What’s easier…? To quit emotional eating altogether? Or to keep your moods under control in order to avoid instances of emotional eating?

I get it. I understand why I emotionally eat, I understand why you do it too. It will happen and I have accepted that. With that said I have promised myself to keep myself busy, to maintain an attitude of optimism, joy, happiness, satisfaction, contentment and any other sentiments that will keep me in a good place so that emotional eating occurs less often.


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