Day 84: The day pole dancing became unsexy

(I fell off the wagon with my blogging again. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Because I’m several days behind and been really busy, Days 80-86 will exclude nutrition partly because I never bothered to record any of it down. I am living out of a suitcase at a friends place until the new condo is ready, so cooking nutritious meals and storing them for later consumption has not been ideal. Although it is possible, it’s difficult to eat healthy under these circumstances. There is never a good excuse for getting off track so let me update you as to where I am on Monday March 28 – Day 87 with a photo and measurements to see where I currently stand.)

Mood: Definitely don’t feel like pole dancing.

I came across this news clip featuring a Christian woman who has implemented pole dancing in her quest of worshipping Jesus. I won’t go into detail of what I think of this, but I am all about exercise and staying active although I’m still unclear of how the two relate. Hey if it works for you, then go at it!

Be somewhat intelligent as to what types of exercise programs you choose to perform. If a product or supplement “guarantees” results without having to change your current eating or promises you flat abs in only 8 minutes a day, then use common sense and find something else that includes calorie reduction, cardio exercise and resistance training in order to get the body you want. The amazing results you seek won’t come easy.


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