Day 85: That’s what friends are for…

(I fell off the wagon with my blogging again. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Because I’m several days behind and been really busy, Days 80-86 will exclude nutrition partly because I never bothered to record any of it down. I am living out of a suitcase at a friends place until the new condo is ready, so cooking nutritious meals and storing them for later consumption has not been ideal. Although it is possible, it’s difficult to eat healthy under these circumstances. There is never a good excuse for getting off track so let me update you as to where I am on Monday March 28 – Day 87 with a photo and measurements to see where I currently stand.)

Mood: Love having supportive friends around me.

Today I was feeling desperately hungry while at the grocery store. DON’T EVER GO TO THE GROCERY STORE HUNGRY because you’ll end up taking things home that are unnecessary and items you wouldn’t have bought had you eaten before taking that trip.

I wanted to splurge and have a bag of Dorito Cool Ranch tortilla chips so I asked my friend if he’d share it with me. He said no. I resented him for a second for not wanting any but I quickly got over it and moved on. Having friends with similar goals is really helpful during times like these. Research has proved that when one person gains weight, close friends tend to gain weight too. See article from the New York Times here.

Be sure to tell your friends and loved ones around you of your goals and ask them for their support. If they are true friends they will see to it that you are successful in reaching your goals…now that’s what friends are for.


1 Response to “Day 85: That’s what friends are for…”

  1. 1 Charlotte E. 03/28/11 at 9:08 am

    friends don’t let friends eat cool ranch doritos!! the MSG alone!!

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