Day 86: Get to your goal weight and maintain…

(I fell off the wagon with my blogging again. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Because I’m several days behind and been really busy, Days 80-86 will exclude nutrition partly because I never bothered to record any of it down. I am living out of a suitcase at a friends place until the new condo is ready, so cooking nutritious meals and storing them for later consumption has not been ideal. Although it is possible, it’s difficult to eat healthy under these circumstances. There is never a good excuse for getting off track so let me update you as to where I am on Monday March 28 – Day 87 with a photo and measurements to see where I currently stand.)

Mood: Feeling yucky and ready for the new week.

Alright, let’s be honest. This last week has been hectic and I am only half-way moved into the new condo and still living out of a suitcase at my friends place. (The hardwood floors need to be installed still and we’ve run into a few snags that is keeping it from being installed) Anyway, part of the reason why I never bothered to write any of my meals down recently was because I was extremely busy, ate out more than normal and used this transition into new living quarters as a reason to lax on my diet. Would I say I fell back into my old ways? Slightly. Was I better about practicing moderation even if the food choices were poor? Definitely. Do I regret any of it? Hell no! (Remember: if you are going to eat something that isn’t good for you, make sure you enjoy every single bite and crumb and not eat it for any other reason; make sure it’s worth it as to satisfy yourself and get back on track.)

Reflecting back at this overwhelming week, I consumed: a cheeseburger and sweet potato fries, 3 cupcakes, Panda Express Chinese Food, California Chicken Cafe Combo Wrap twice, several alcoholic drinks, late night popcorn, soft serve frozen yogurt twice, brown rice with a few of my dinners and thin crust pizza along with the regular foods I’ve eaten so far during the lifetime of this blog. (I did make sure to perform 5 days of cardio and 5 intense resistance training sessions this past week too)

Despite all of this horrible eating, I’ve maintained my weight (as far as I know), my waist is still the same (I just measured) and I can still see my top 4 abs. I’m definitely not telling you to go out and sabotage your efforts by splurging on the foods you’ve missed these past 86 days. I will take measurements and a photo tomorrow (assuming I’ve my camera and cords handy to download them to the website) to see where I am at.

What I am implying is, (if I did indeed maintain my weight and muscle mass), that once you get your bodyfat down and build more muscle, it is a bit easier to maintain the progress you’ve made. Why am I telling you this? When you’ve made it to your goal and have rewarded yourself with a one week cruise to Tahiti :), it should comfort you knowing that you can enjoy yourself on your trip and still maintain that awesome physique that you worked so hard for. Make sure to still use common sense, not overdo it, practice moderation, exercise and still get your vitamins, fruits and vegetables and large amounts of water daily to make it easy for your body to maintain itself.


1 Response to “Day 86: Get to your goal weight and maintain…”

  1. 1 Mary Ann O. 03/28/11 at 9:06 am

    Love this one…hey we r human and sometimes we are just put into these situations!!

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