Day 87: Did I maintain from 3 weeks ago?

5:15 am: Awake

5:30 am: (Breakfast) 2 hard boiled egg whites, oatmeal with organic berry medley, 2 glasses water.

9 am: (Snack) Banana, plum, Muscle milk protein shake powder with skim milk.

10 am: 50 minute resistance training focusing on chest, liter water.

11 am: 60 minute spin class that I taught at 24 Hour Fitness Hollywood, liter water.

12:30 pm: (Lunch) 2 slices Trader Joe’s meatloaf, brown rice, lettuce, spicy peanut vinaigrette, 2 glasses water.

3 pm: (Snack) Greek yogurt, TJ Handful of nuts, glass water.

White chicken chili

7 pm: (Dinner) White chicken chili with avocado, glass water.

9:30 pm: (Pre-bed) Muscle Milk protein shake powder with skim milk, tablespoon organic TJ peanut butter.

10:30 pm: Bed

Goals for tomorrow:

  • Back workout.
  • Keep eating clean. 8% body fat.

Mood: Was anxious to find out if I really maintained my weight.

I took photos this morning, weighed myself and measured my waist. I weigh 189.6 lbs currently compared to 187.6 My waist remained 32.25 inches and I unfortunately can’t post the photos because the camera cord to upload is in a box somewhere packed away. This morning I looked and felt pretty good.

Later today in the afternoon I noticed my masculine frame was a little rounder at the waist and that my “abs” weren’t as visible. It was as if the extra poundage showed up days after I had my way with food. Sheesh! Who am I kidding to think I maintained my weight? I’m not sure the exact equation or what the rules are on how much food/junk you can eat until you go from maintenance to weight gain but I think I just figured out that I overdid it last week. Here is what I learned or re-learned these past few weeks:

  • I’ve accepted the fact that although it can be difficult to quit emotional eating, I can work on staying busy, happy and stress-free so that the occurrence of wanting to emotionally eat will be less. More importantly rather than disallowing yourself to emotionally eat, deal with the emotion that is making you act this way.
  • Pack your food and plan ahead.

    Assuming you have a kitchen, refrigerator and access to a grocery store there should be no reason why you can’t lose weight. Living in someone else’s house in transition before moving to a newly renovated condo is not the most ideal, but if I really wanted to I could have prepared all my meals, pack them for the day/week, set an alarm to remind myself to eat every 2-3 hours and still reach my goals. Remember your eating is about 80% of your success. (What I’m trying to say is regardless of how busy I was these past few weeks, and how the living situation I am in is not ideal and the stress involved with a move spaced over 2 weeks, I had no excuse to take a break from my diet.)

  • As much as we go through life trying to impress others, set these goals for you, not for anyone else. During the first two months of this blog I was on a roll. I saw great results. After a while when I started to lose focus, I wanted to only choose things to eat that I wouldn’t be afraid to list on my blog. In other words I was going through the motions to appear as if I was perfect in my eating, when in reality I didn’t want people to know I was eating junk food, so I chose not to eat it. Regardless if I was going to write it in my blog or not, I should be choosing nutritious foods because it is healthy and important for MY BODY, not because I want to appear healthy to others. Working hard to impress others may work for a short time, but you have to ultimately do all of this for your own benefit. Focus on the body YOU want and focus on the way YOU will feel, don’t do it for others. It’s more meaningful this way.
  • Don’t settle. Your body is not meant to be overweight and unhealthy. I once had a client who professed that he was comfortable in his body and felt better and healthier than before he started to work out with me. Some comments that he would make, made me realize that he wasn’t happy with his appearance, was lazy to take the steps and rather than working hard, he’d say how he is okay with the way he looked to make himself feel better. All the fat he was carrying was not healthy. Cosmetically, I didn’t care about the way he looked. All the extra weight was doing a number on his bones and joints. There was a study last week about how many obese moms and kids underestimate their weight. When I read this article it reminded me of this client and how I ate junk these past few weeks and I kept telling myself until I eventually believed it that I maintained my weight and still looked good. What the hell was I thinking? And what are these obese people thinking? With 2/3 of Americans being overweight and 1/3 being obese, many are falling into a delusional state of how they view their weight as normal. Read full article here.

With Day 90 upon us, I will not reach my goal of 8 pack abs. Am I closer to where I started? Absolutely! Did I try my best? The majority of the time, yes, but not towards the end. Am I done for now? No.

I am proud of where I am and feel more motivated because although I did not reach my goal within these first 90 days, I am still turned and faced in the direction of it and will see that I get it done. When I get there, y’all will be the first to know and to see it first hand right here on this blog.


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