Day 88: Thinking to hire a trainer?

TJ Handful of nuts

5:15 am: Awake

5:30 am: (Breakfast) 2 hard boiled egg whites, oatmeal with organic berry medley, 2 glasses water.

9 am: (Snack) Non fat Greek yogurt, Trader joes handful of nuts.

11 am: 50 minute resistance training focusing on back, liter water.

12 pm: (Post workout) Power Crunch energy protein bar, glass water.

12:30 pm: (Lunch at Souplantation) Large salad including iceberg lettuce, spinach, carrots,broccoli, beets, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, pickles, hard boiled egg whites, bell peppers, tomatoes, chicken breast (from noodle soup), 2 glasses water. Dessert: Low-fat cranberry muffin with tiny serving of nonfat frozen yogurt.

3 pm: (Snack) White chicken chili with brown rice, glass water.

4 pm: 60 minute spin class that I taught at 24 Hour Fitness Hollywood, liter water.

5 pm: (Post workout) Muscle Milk protein shake powder with water.

Spinning is a great workout


7 pm: (Dinner) White chicken chili with avocado, glass water.

9:30 pm: (Pre-bed) Muscle Milk protein shake powder with skim milk.

10:30 pm: Bed

Goals for tomorrow:

  • Leg workout.
  • Clean eating.

Mood: Feeling fantastic.

If you are still unsure of how to get started towards your fitness goals, you have to accept that you need to educate yourself in order to get it done. That involves either subscribing to your favorite health and fitness magazine, following along to a workout DVD or ultimately hiring a trainer. Whatever method you decide, stay consistent. Hiring a trainer does not have to be uber expensive. See if they offer an affordable introductory jump-start package so that you can learn as much as possible before going out and doing it yourself.

Having first worked with a trainer years ago and as a personal trainer now, I believe EVERYONE NEEDS a trainer to get to their goal safely, effectively and in a timely manner. For those of you who are fortunate to afford the services of a fitness professional, I share with you the following attributes to look for by using the acronym, TRAINER:

T = Timely and Reliable. I hate being late and I hate when people are late. If I were to ever run behind, I would call my client to let them know I was on my way, expecting the same from them. If your trainer is chronically late and doesn’t respect your time, FIRE THEM! 🙂 My clients rely on me to be punctual, so I always allow extra traveling time for traffic and other possible mishaps.

R = Role Model. Not every trainer will have 4% bodyfat and 8 pack abs, but are they in shape? Do you look up to your trainer? Have they experienced what you’ve been through? Can they relate to your particular situation? Does s/he help motivate you to reach your goals?

A = Attentive. The trainer needs to show that s/he wants to be there by being attentive and making sure that you practice good form, keeping you safe from injury and getting you through the entire set. I’ve seen trainers reading newspapers, watching TV and talking on the phone while the client does their workout. I personally wouldn’t hire a trainer for an hour so he can attend to his personal needs.

I = Invested. Generally the best trainers are those that devote themselves full-time to training. For the most part, be careful of those fitness professionals who train on the side but have other “day jobs” or are actors that are trying to be discovered. When that actor has an audition, for example, guess who is put on the back burner as they try to chase their dream? It’s not always true for everyone like a part time trainer who is still going to school. The main thing is to figure out if they prioritize your training and the success of reaching your goals.

N = Neat and Organized. If your trainer keeps record of your workouts or your measurements and weight, that’s a great way to show they are organized. Does s/he remember what body parts were trained last and what is next for your current workout? Do they accurately log and keep track of the sessions that were performed? They don’t have to have a Dewey Decimal system in place but as long as they are neat and organized, then you are in good hands.

E = Educated. Make sure the trainer is Nationally Certified with an accredited organization such as these main ones: (NASM) National Academy of Sports Medicine, (ACSM) American College of Sports Medicine, (ISSA) International Sports Science Association and a few others. They must meet Continuing Education Requirements and keep their certifications up to date regularly. Some of these websites will allow you to verify if your trainer is indeed certified. Trainers should also be current with their CPR/AED certification but most important should have Liability Insurance to cover clients and property.

R = Reasonable Rates. Last but not least, do your research and see what the going rate is for your area. Don’t choose the trainer with the cheapest rates because you’ll get what you pay for. The more experience in the field and the certifications they possess will affect the hourly rate. On the other hand I know trainers who charge top dollar but lack many of the things I’ve mentioned above. More expensive doesn’t always mean better trainer.

There it is. Use common sense when working with a trainer. Be open and communicate to them your needs and expectations out of your sessions. If you feel that they are not meeting your standards, let them know. By doing that they may better themselves and be the very best trainer they can be or you may have to find someone else who can efficiently put your hard working money to good use.

If you are interested in a fitness consultation and personal training with me, please fill out the form here and I will get in touch with you shortly. Thank you.


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