Day 89: When failure can be a good thing.

I had 2 days left to complete my 90-day blog and I can’t even get myself to post the last two entries! What’s wrong with me? (Today is April 8th Friday but I predated this entry as March 30, which was Day 89)

I want to address the topic of failure. I admit in regards to my 90 day goal of getting my “abs” I fell short by a few bodyfat percentage points, so I failed. Have I given up? No. Was my goal unrealistic or unattainable? Maybe. Do I know where I could improve or where I went wrong? Yes. Will I ever reach this goal I’ve set? Yes, very soon.

When you have 10 minutes, please listen to the following clip in its entirety. It is a really good radio broadcast by Jillian Michaels, the hardcore trainer from NBCs “The Biggest Loser”. Some things you will learn from this:

“Failure is essential. Don’t be “comfortably numb” by not trying, not expanding and by not growing. We learn more when we fail over when we win. Learning encourages growth, and when we grow we experience joy.”

Refer to the article Jillian spoke of here.


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