Hi. My friends call me TK. I currently live in Hollywood, California, a city filled with beautiful and fit people, and as a personal trainer I feel the added pressure to have to look my best at all times. I’ve always struggled with my weight, and like most Americans, I put on some extra pounds over the 2010 holiday season.

Using the New Year as an excuse to get into my best shape ever and to finally maintain it, I will spend the next 90 days sharing with you how I will accomplish that through healthy and sustainable eating and exercise. Being one of those trainers that had no athletic background and one who grew up overweight, I will also share the emotional struggle I’ve had over the years, with food.

By following my journey and getting to know me a little more, you may find that you and I are very much alike. I look forward to sharing my story and hearing of others with similar backgrounds. Let’s make 2011 our healthiest year ever!

My 2005 Before & After

My motivation

The photo above was from a transformation 5 years ago. I’m not advising anyone to allow their weight to fluctuate as much as mine has, but because I feel that I love myself more than ever, I know that I will be able to transform myself one last time and maintain this standard I am setting for myself.

To get me through these 90 days I’ve created my own 2011 Personal Mission Statement and I advise you to write one that rings true for you.

I’m not perfect; I just want to attain the standard I set for myself.

I’m not a fitness model; I just want to feel good about the way I look.

I’m an emotional eater and I will take responsibility for the choices I make.

I fear commitment and hard work; but I am willing to work at it to discover my utmost potential.


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